Big Picture

#1: A professional in the field of visual story telling has gained mastery in:

DrawingGood draftsmanship balanced with gesture and rhythm.

Design: Clear and appealing work that demonstrates contrast and Dominance/Hierarchy as applied to: value, color, line, shape, and composition.*

Painting: Light and its effects on various surfaces, as well as a practical understanding of color theory/harmonies and brush work.

Professionalism: You take direction, do the work well with a good attitude and you do it on time.

You have a humble deferential attitude that allows you to work with and serve others. You listen and defer to your boss or client, and you are a servant leader to those who are your subordinates: including people not directly related to your vocation like janitors, plumbers etc.*

*Hierarchy is a good thing (when it's not abused) and applies to relationships between sentient beings just as much as it applies to design.

*Also see  Hierarchy.


#2: You gotta want this you gotta train like you want this:

This is how a professional trains: 


The battle starts and end in the mind/soul.
This is how a professional thinks:


#3: Most of your work needs to take place in your sketchbook. If your not working your ass off there, it ain't gonna happen friend. (You will remain an amateur until you clock a certain amount of drawing in, period.)

#4 Find a realist focus/purpose for your work: What specific role are you passionate about and capable of filling in in the world of art.