Online Resources

 Life Drawing at home:

Bodies in motion: As advertised: tons of figures in motion...Step by step motion sequences and fantastic professional photography.
Sketch Daily: Another virtual figure and animal drawing site. SD is nice because you can choose either static or action poses to come up in the figure drawing section.

Pixel Lovely: Figure and animal drawing class at home, sort of. PL is nice because you can choose specific facial expressions to come up in the head drawing section.

Pose Space: The best part of this site is the large list of photo turnarounds. See: features/pose tool

Croquis-cafe: Video footage of life model drawing sessions.

Pose maniacs: More figure drawing reference. The figures have "textured" on muscles, but nice  thing about this site is that you can rotate all the poses.

Free programs:

Sketchup: Amazingly easy 3D modeling and an ENORMOUS free 3D model library. It's like doing a Google image search in 3D.

Alchemy: Great silhouette based concept design program if you have a pressure sensitive pen and the setting right (ask me about that).

Stock photography: 

Unsplash: A too good to be true collection of beautiful, high-res, professional, free, stock photography.

Video and animation stuff:

Why Beauty matters: A must see video on the importance of Truth, Beauty (specifically), and goodness in art.

Living Lines Library: Pencil tests, animator documentaries and more.
Animation World network
Animation Show of Shows

Why not to do spec work: What if non creative peoples were asked to do spec work?

Proko: Good videos, by a talented artist on foundational drawing skills.

DAVD (Digital Art Visual development) contests:

Fees: $25 single entry $40 for a series (up to 5).
Due date: Jan 25 (May change annually)

Fees: Free?
Due date: Whenever?
Submit five pieces of art and tell us a bit about them: their titles, what inspired you to paint them and the techniques you used.
*This magazine is great but their site and entry procedures are very opaque:
Society of Illustrators LA
Fee: ?? You tell me…there site is almost impossible to navigate.
Date: August 15 (May change annually)
*There is a separate student competition.

Society of Illustrators NY:
Fee: : $20 single entry $50 for a series (up to 5).
Due Date: Oct 30th (May change annually)
*There is a separate student competition.

Communication Arts Illustration competition:
Fee: $40
Date: Jan 20th (may rotate year to year)

National student show:
Date: Feb 6
15K in scholarships mostly in graphic design but there is an illustration and a best portfolio category.

DAVD conventions:

When: : November 18-20, 2016 (May change annually)
Price: 150-350

Spectrum Art Live
When: : May 2017
Price: ??

When: : July21-24 (May change annually)
Price: $200 (free with a pro-pass)

When: : March 25-27 (May change annually)
Price: $55 (free with a pro-pass)
When: : June?
Price: ??